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How We Got Started

Black Prism was born out of a mutual drive to build a resource for businesses, side hustlers, and entrepreneurs like ourselves. After years of designing websites, content, and graphics for our previous employers, we noticed a lack of the same support for other local businesses struggling to navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape.


Entrepreneurs have so much on their plate; cultivating a recognizable and reputable brand, creating marketing materials and content, guaranteeing client satisfaction, building and maintaining a website, finding a consistent flow of leads, creating and managing social media platforms, printing promotional materials, and so much more. All while running every other part of their business.

So, what if we could take a significant portion off your plate? What if we could provide solutions to all of your branding needs under one roof, ensuring a cohesive brand across all areas of your business?

We recognized the need for a wide array of streamlined and consistent services that allow entrepreneurs to focus on the business aspects they enjoy most, so we created Black Prism Branding. We want to make running your own business as simple as possible. Let us know how we can help!

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We believe in supporting local businesses in any way we can, so we have curated partnerships with other local entrepreneurs. This allows us to expand the services we can offer, while supporting their businesses.
Our clients are the most important thing to our business, which is why our goal is to help them build
recognizable brands that stand out.

What We Strive To Do

Our Passion

Help businesses create and maintain their own unique, eye-catching brand that sets them apart

Build lasting and supportive relationships with partners through respect, hard work, and understanding

Provide an enjoyable customer experience to foster a trusting, life long relationship with clients

We Can't Wait to Meet You!






Learn more about how we can help your brand!

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